Intro to Social Network Computing with R

Instruction by Michael Heaney

(duration: 3h)

This workshop is intended for those who have no prior exposure to R. It does assume some familiarity with the basics of network theory, roughly at the level of the workshop on Intro to Social Network Theory. Participants are asked to install R on their laptop computers prior to arriving.

The workshop then covers: installing packages in R, creating and manipulating network objects, reading and manipulating network data, calculating network statistics (e.g., betweenness), and generating simple network graphs.

What you will need

  • Participants will need a laptop computer with internet access.
  • Please install R from the following web site:

Download the workshop materials

About the instructor

Michael T. Heaney is Assistant Professor of Organizational Studies and Political Science at the University of Michigan. His research analyzes networks of interest groups, social movements, and political parties. With Fabio Rojas, he is co-author of Party in the Street: The Antiwar Movement and the Democratic Party after 9/11 (forthcoming with Cambridge University Press in 2015). More information about Michael is available here.

Dates and Deadlines
April 1, 2014:
Workshop and presentation acceptance deadline
May 2, 2014:
Last day for early registration
May 28-30, 2014:
Workshops to be held
May 29-31, 2014:
Conference talks and panels